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The Centre, Witham United Reformed Church, Newland Street, Witham, Essex, England, CM8 1AH
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Common Bond

A. an individual who resides in or is employed in the localities of the district of Essex including Thurrock and Southend on Sea. B. a corporate body, an individual in his/her capacity as partner in partnership, an individual in his/her capacity as an officer or member of the governing body of an incorporated association, if the corporate body, partnership or unincorporated association has: a place of business in the above locality. C. an individual who is a member of the same household as, and is a relative of, an individual who is a member of the credit union and falls directly within a common bond specified above.

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About Us

Holdfast Credit Union is a small savings and loans organisation that prides itself on delivering a personal service to our members. Members are not only our customers they own the company. We have a range of loan products and our staff will give you advice on which loan products are available and what is best for your situation. Our interest rates are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority on behalf of the Government. We are competitive versus many other lenders. We lend to people over 18 and unlike many other lenders will lend to people aged over 70 (subject to conditions). There is currently a £5.00 joining fee and £5.00 annual membership fee but for that you get free life insurance! Loans are also insured. Anyone who has right of residency in the UK, lives or works in Essex and has done so for more than 3 years, can join. During office hours you can always talk to a member of staff either by telephone, or in person. Although from time to time we will update you on our loan products we do not lend aggressively. You can download a loan application form from our website or, if you prefer, complete a standard application form which can be posted to you. Our staff are available to help you fill in the form correctly. Your application will always be considered by our Credit Committee who are experienced volunteers and they will take into account your personal circumstances before deciding whether or not to approve your loan. If we think that you are asking to borrow more than you can afford to repay we will advise you to reconsider the amount you have applied for. We are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Your savings are protected by the Government. There is an information brochure which tells you all about Holdfast and our products but does not list all the terms and conditions that apply. From time to time our products and our terms and conditions vary. To get a copy of our brochure and the most up to date information you should contact our office: info@holdfastcreditunion.co.uk. Tel. 01376 516994 or you can visit us at our Witham Office ‐ The Centre, Witham United Reformed Church,Newland Street, Witham, Essex CM8 1AH

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